Feedback Mechanism for Programmes under Distance Education

Feedback is an essential part of the Center for Distance and Online Education. The feedback is obtained from all distance education stakeholders, including students, faculty, alumni, professionals, and employers for all programmes. The feedback at the end of each semester from everyone, and during the semester from everyone except employers. The feedback is obtained online through the learning management system.

Feedback process:

Formation of Feedback Form
Notice to students and respective form link to respective stakeholders.
Obtaining Feedback Online
Feedback Analysis
Actions suggested to be taken

Feedback Parameters:
• Syllabus related
• Delivery of Curriculum related
• SLM related

Outcome: Institute has structures process and mechanism at place to obtain feedback from all stakeholders to improve the quality of online teaching, learning, and enhance employability.
Based on obtained feedback action to be taken or action taken report is referred for improvement or overall development.