Master of Social Work

Overview :

The Master of Social Work is a professional post graduate degree having potentiality to professionally seek employment and make career  in various positions in governmental ,non governmental and other organizations.

Objectives of the course:

1. To undertake research, training and consultancy in the field of Social Sciences.
2. To impart need-based, innovative and professional training in social work leading to the professional degree of M.S.W of Bharati Vidyapeeth Deemed University.
3. To form Social Action groups of young post-graduate students and to impart training of professional social work in the areas of family and child welfare, rural-urban community development, labour welfare, tribal development, health, education and environment.

Program Details

Any graduate from any recognized University

Minimum – 2 Years

Maximum – 4 Years

Responsive Tabs
SR.No Subject Assignment
1 Assignments MSW Sem-I Download
SR.No Subject Assignment
1 CC-4 Sem II Psychology for Social Worker Download
2 CC-5 Sem II Methods of Work Practice Work With Community Download
3 CC-6 Sem II Social Work Research Download
4 EC-4 Sem II Youth Development Download
5 EC-5 Sem II Panchayat Raj System Download
6 EC-6 Sem II Women Status and Empowerment Download
7 G-3 Sem II Public Administration Download
8 G-4 Sem II Unorganized Labour Download
SR.No Subject Assignment
1 Assignments MSW Sem-III Download
SR.No Subject Assignment
1 CC-10 Sem IV Counselling in Social Work Download
2 CC-11 Sem IV Poverty Alleviation and Development Download
3 CC-12 Sem IV Corporate Social Responsibility Download
4 EC-10 Sem IV Family Counselling Download
5 EC-11 Sem IV Livelihood Skills and Micro Finance Download
6 EC-12 Sem IV Labour Welfare Download
7 G-7 Sem IV Environmental Issues Disaster Management Download
8 G-8 Sem IV Introduction to Constitution of India Download